2012-4-23 website created, design in progress.

2012-4-25 added further enhancements and links: titles, Broderson page, knots, swagelok, crane corridor, etc.

2012-4-26 added GPR, other odds and ends.

2012-5-03 made enhancements to the Home page. Added Broderson link on Rig page.

2012-6-11 updated page layout.    Upgraded version to add more pages and add ability to upload files.

2012-6-12 upgraded from Weebly Editor to WordPress.

2012-6-13 explored limitations of file upload/download capability.

2013-1-8 made changes in overall site appearance. Switching from linked text to linked buttons.  Reverted back to Weebly Editor.

2013-2-13 Uploaded many new files.  Changed Header format and pictures.  Added Mobile Cranes  & Pipe Study Guides pages.

2013-3-6    Installed WebPlus X6, explored capabilities.

2013-3-10    Reconstructing web pages to take advantage of WebPlus increased functionality.  Worked on button construction.

2013-3-11    Developed expanding menus, color coded pages, reduced format for efficiency.   Page layout and look is completely redone.

2013 3 18-20   Finally resolved new WebPlus software Server publishing connectivity issue.  However, getting 404 error message when accessing the site with the new pages.   Suspect Wordpress and PHP file interference.   Republishing Weebly version to keep site active.

2013-3 26-27   Resolved new page access issue.  Interference was from .htaccess file installed by Weebly.  Also, ipage requires index.html files to be lower case, no caps.

Resolved file upload issue via new software.  

 Still an unexplained lag from webhost publishing time to website display.   Determined it was the browser saving the webpage in history rather than reloading.

 Re-uploaded optimized files to PWR pages.   Functional on Desktop but not on Mobile.

 Resolved Mobile Page display issue.   Working on expandable menu in Mobile page issue.

 Abandoned attempt to create functional drop down menus on Mobile pages and reverted to list boxes.

 2013-3-27  5:30pm.  Site is fully functional Desktop & Mobile.

 2013-3-28  Polished up Home pages and Site info page.

 2013-4-1   added Electric shop gantry crane files.

 2013-4-4   added rope & pulley video links to Rig page.

 2013-5-16 added Pipe Trades Pro Calculator Videos and Manuals.  Added Shop graphics links to top of Mobile Home page.  Adjusted fonts for appearance.

2013-8-7 updated Pipe pages, desktop and mobile, to include Requal files for 3Q.   Added RIDGID 258 Manual to Pipe.

2013-8-14 linked to Pipe drafting & design under Pipe study guides and references.

2013-8-29 Added instruction guides and videos on Plidco repair devices.   Worked through drive assignment issues regarding file referencing.

2013-9-9  Added T-101 Hot Tap Drilling Machine documents.

2013-11-11   Preparations for streaming video code.

2014-1-23   Uploaded several guides, manuals and handbooks to the Weld page.

2014-2-5    Uploaded Load Charts for several cranes, and Terex Operator Course material.  

2014-4-8    reconfigured file links, disabled standalone video file links, in preparation to upgrade to Serif Webplus X7 format.   Resolved some video streaming issues.

2014-4-10   attempted to upgrade from X6 to X7 which strongly supports HTML5.  Unfortunately, corporate restricts the web browser to IE8 only.   IE8 apparently is only 10% HTML5 compatible.  Text, buttons, and navigation bars appear with the wrong colors in the wrong positions rendering the site unusable.    Reverting back to X6 until our limited browser gets upgraded.

2014-5-15   updated Requal info & links.  Added files to Basic Rigging.

2015-3-25  Commenced updates for 2015 Requal file uploads.  Errors uplinking to webhost.  Errors accessing drive letter - shifted from F to E.

2015-4-6  Attempting to resolve webhost upload error.  Resolved at  X6 does not like internet connection changes.

2015-8-18  updated BFORSA file uploads.

2015-9-16  RFG clear Final upload.

2016-1-27  update 2016 requal links.

2016-2-17  Added AC200 Load Chart Page.

2016-3-9/10  Added some RQ files.   Installed X8.   Programmed ability to stream videos.

2016-3-21  Uploading newly formatted RQ streaming videos.

2018-1-15-18  Renaming TEREX 200 ton Load Charts for easier identification.  Removing old references to Requals.  Adding Note about IE 11.0 issues.   Remake Rigger LOGO.   Add many crane documents.

Record of Changes &  Development

Maintenance Shops Training Coordinator for Pipefitting, Welding and Rigging at a California Refinery.