Welcome to the Pipefitter, Welder and Rigger craftline knowledge free-bins.

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 Why this Website

PipeWeldRig.com was created to establish a knowledge repository website containing

   - craftline information

   - how-tos

   - equipment manuals

   - references

   - tutorials

for Pipefitters, Welders and Riggers.

   This website is being designed primarily for Mobile Users to access knowledge and training:

   - when they need it

   - where they need it

    It is expected to continually grow  as needs are identified.   Tutorials will be developed, documents will be added.

This site is a work in progress

    If you would like a refresher on a specific task or tool and don’t see it here, contact me and we’ll work to get it on here.

 You can assist in it's development by posting:

    - requests for information

    - or content you would like to see

    - website components that do not

       function properly such as broken links

    - recommendations for improvement

    - comments in general

Contact info: email genshoptraining@gmail.com